Our pupils

Grangewood School specifically caters for pupils with severe learning difficulties as well as physical and complex needs, including Autism; our pupils are at the core of all of all we do.

We strive to develop everybody's voice, so that all of our pupils are heard, encouraged and responded to.

As a school, we are committed to:

  • Helping children to stay safe
  • Providing a positive and inclusive learning environment
  • Treating children with respect and dignity
  • Staying calm with children
  • Listening to what children have to say
  • Trying to understand children even if they can’t always express their feelings
  • Providing children with a broad and balanced curriculum appropriate to their needs and abilities and offer extended opportunities
  • Letting children know what is going to happen
  • Telling children what they are good at to build their confidence
  • Encouraging children to behave appropriately through positive handling plans and positive reinforcement
  • Allowing children to make choices and decisions for themselves
  • Encouraging children to be as independent as they are able
  • Informing parents / carers of their children’s progress through Annual Reviews and Annual Reports 
  • Informing parents / carers about school activities through regular newsletters, link books and notices about special events and via the school’s website and Parent Mail
  • Keeping parents / carers informed about what children have done during the school day through the link book or electronically
  • Encouraging parents / carers to work with us as part of a team and support them

If you would like to find out more about our school, please get in touch and arrange a visit.