Family Services

Family Services supports families and promotes the well-being of our pupils by encouraging social activities and provides a network of assistance and advice.

Our jointly-run service is an integrated element of the Eden Academy Trust's approach to education and development and the service that we provide in each of our family of schools is specially designed to meet the particular needs of each school's pupils and their families.

At Grangewood we provide:

  • A varied programme of activities from coffee mornings, trips out, and swimming sessions to holiday & after-school clubs
  • An opportunity for our pupils to extend their experiences outside of the classroom
  • Links for our parents and carers to a network of groups that offer ideas, activities & resources to try at home
  • Training in parenting issues for parents and carers

Having a very anxious child, the Family Services trips allow us to go out as a family. They also allow him the chance to experience a day out that he can find tricky with just us. I feel supported as a parent and a lot less isolated.

Grangewood parent about Family Services

If you would like to find our more information about Family Services at Grangewood, please contact our Family Services Co-ordinator Janet Lobb at